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Advertising campaigns on the Internet

No doubt you’ve ever seen PPC ad. But maybe you do not even know it. You can find them next to Google search results as «sponsored links.» They are called PPC because Pay Per Click.

PPC ads are found in both the search results and the ad network, also called contextual advertising.

The main advantages of this promotion method are that you only pay if users click on your ads. You do not spend money because someone has simply seen your ad. Instead, you can be sure that someone has interested you so much that you clicked on it.

In addition, you can direct the advertising with enough precision to the users that are interesting for your company, being able to select the exact area in which to advertise. You can also choose the language, the time, and of course, the keywords associated with your products or services.

Your campaign is under control at all times. You know exactly how much you pay, you can set a daily budget and total spending. If you let yourself go, you will spend hours and hours analyzing your campaign, the costs and the success of the different keywords.