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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence detects, processes and acts on the learning of information and its adaptation over time. We believe that when you design people-centered, artificial intelligence can expand your capabilities, freeing you to make your most creative and strategic efforts and help you or your organization achieve more.

Artificial intelligence technologies are very promising to raise the quality of life of people and can be used to help humanity face important global challenges such as climate change, food, inequality, health and education.

Innovative technology is created by constant experimentation, intrepid exploration and a commitment to long-term innovation. While there has been great progress, there are still many difficult questions around artificial intelligence yet to be resolved. In the early days of other new waves of technology such as the Internet, mobile and application economies had many drawbacks of growth and artificial intelligence is no exception. We will share our learnings with the industry so that we can democratize artificial intelligence and hope to accelerate its benefits for our society.