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Mobile Marketing

Smart devices have broken into society in a slow way, but nowadays, its use is already a generalized trend that does not even understand ages.

Posters have been a means of advertising and marketing since the 1950s. And now that signage has gone digital, the way companies communicate with their customers has changed forever. The interactive screens were the next in the list of evolution of posters, users could guide their experience with touch screen technology and become familiar with the brand in real time

Companies have been trying to close the gap in the digital screen world. The use of smartphones seems to be the most logical way to achieve it: The main objective for the implementation of digital screens is to create more relevant experiences for the audience. Through the integration of smartphones with digital screens, this objective can be achieved thanks to the capture of the audience’s data and the content offered as a consequence of this data, in order to deepen the relationship with the client in an individualized way.

Mobility is fast becoming an integral part of our lifestyle. Most people carry a device with connection wherever they go. Clearly, mobile integration with digital signage is an increasingly popular way to improve participation in marketing campaigns.

It seems simple, but for mobile marketing strategies to have the expected success, we must take into account the patterns of use of smart devices. It becomes mandatory to facilitate navigation as much as possible to users to be able to have a good impact on the level of business conversions.