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SEO investment is still the most profitable online advertising for companies. Web positioning in Google is a really important strategy to attract new customers. 75% of all clicks on search engines are made on the first page of results, if a company is not positioned for certain keywords will be very difficult to acquire leads. The SEO allows to improve the positioning in search engines and having adequate content will help to improve them, in addition, it is one of the main strategies used.

The phrase «content is king» is still current, and although it may seem exaggerated, the content plays an important role in the classification that Google makes of all web pages. Interesting, well-written content, with the right amount of words and links, can help a company’s website scale positions.

Keywords are not only important for ads that are made in Adwords (PPC), they must be within the content that is included in the website, the «key» is not to abuse them, put large amounts of keywords in the Content in the hope of improving SEO can ruin the web positioning strategy. In fact, Google robots may consider keyword excess as Spam.

When using keywords in the news of the company it is important to consider using them sparingly and in the proper context. It is important to remember that keywords help customers find the content of the company, therefore, it is important to use them correctly to ensure that the right people find the right pages.

It’s a good practice to use keywords on sites that Google bots scan frequently, such as page titles, alt text tags, and page descriptions.

The style of writing that is presented in the news of the company page has to be formal but at the same time close to the reader. The updates on the web are not research works, you have to maintain an informative style but without being too formal, transmitting on the web what would be explained to the clients face to face.